Sunday, 12 July 2015



One of my favourite places and particularly like the balance between
the fun urban and traditional eateries buzzy and friendly. People seem
to socialise like mad with the threat of the area suddenly feeling dead
or flat after the Wimbledon games end.

I love the calm when the Wimbledon matches finish too, just so pleasant
to walk around and admire some of the nice houses and streets.


I go through my pink moments from time to time when I need a dose of pink
to exercise my extrovert side. Starting with arranging the party bus for a night
on the town. Don't judge.

Inside the pinkness...

A large pink bottle of ROSE will be accommodated in the pink bus...

And  sparkling water for those who want a different sort of bubbly...


Sunday, 5 July 2015

THIS WEEK: The Kid In Me


I am still buzzing from my latest experience of go karting on the
popular track across two floors. An unforgettable experience with
family and friends. Skidding around sharp corners possibly slowed
me down and affected my position but who cares, I had enough fun
to last a life time and worth £44.


Had an amazing experience last week. I was invited to the premier of the
Sky 1 hit family comedy show Yonderland, that is filled with entertainment

My first experience of Yonderland; I had the opportunity to meet the human and
non human characters at Soho Hotel, in London. As I sat in the private auditorium
waiting for show to begin, there was a feeling of suspense and excitement
building up. I was confident that I was in good hands because the show had the
much loved ingredients; creativity, writing and bunch of funny performers
crafted in the hit series Horrible Histories.

The delivery of humour with  clever interactions and performance between the
actors (humans and creature puppets) were amazing to watch. The mother in
the show had every mother's dream; a kitchen cupboard that was a portal where
she would escape ...I mean, be transported to a magical land, 'Yonderland'.
See the demons on their mission, that arguably give the show a little more
texture. Very amusing fact that the demons, Neil, Jeff and Rita are the names
of the writer's parents.

There are jokes for all ages - expect some jokes to go over children's heads and
caught by adults like the reference to "Boogie Nights". There were flashes of
quirky references to pop culture like "Mad Donna" "Michael Jack's son" and
"Blue" - not who you think. The crazy costumes enhances the comedy and
action which is linked to so many activities in scenes.

I learnt so much about the plot, I just wonder what other scenes will help
the series expand further. The face to face Q&A with the actors and writers
of the show provided an insight into their genuine fixation with comedy and
ambitions of enjoying the run of the show but with their eyes on developing
the show into a movie one day. This second series will be aired on Sky1,
13th July 2015 at 8pm, I know my young relatives cannot wait to watch it.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

This Week: My Suitcase Goodies

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

THIS WEEK: Changing My World

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Sunday, 22 March 2015


favourite things

My assortment of favourite things this week...I have been feeling quite attached to them.
WARNING! These items are collectively random - please don't judge.

Daniel Sandler Red Carpet lipstick- great for ladies with dark skin.
Found this baby in Harvey Nichols

Clockwise - Love Moschino high top trainers, Pixie boots, fur boots, loafers and Roman ankle boots
Left to right; Valentino's Valentina Assoluto 50ml parfum, metallic purple nail vanish, muslin cloth, Champneys cleansing oil and natural coconut oil.
left to right; Armani Jeans and Ted Baker