Monday, 25 April 2016

This Week: My Paycation Journey

The Opportunity

My journey so far; started off being interested in what my friend
was doing as a Paycation on-line travel consultant. I checked out the 
opportunity myself because I wanted to know exactly what I was 
signing up for (with my trained legal eye).

I've always had an entrepreneur mind set but didn't want to jump in to
investing £60k for a franchise. I saw that this business matched my idea of a 
low investment by sharing the license, credentials and simply earning
commissions on booking travel for others with a click of a button.

My brother asked me "why would people need your service?" I immediately 
explained that there are many people who do not have the time to plan, 
shop around for best deals and book travel - I will provide the personal and 
convenience service. I believed there are target customers waiting for me. 


I prefer the value in a business so I paid the £99 to kick start my career/
new business which was the equivalent of a 3 course meal. I was provided 
excellent marketing tools, products galore, a professional website, support 
and training to provide a professional service to my customers.

I read the technical booklet on what to expect and do as a travel agent
and even passed the CTA test in no time; now I'm an approved CLIA 
member and able to book group cruise trips and have enjoyed booked 
many travel for friends, family and others. 

Getting Paid To Travel

I booked my own travel and asked the hotel if they had  travel agent rates
and gave them my credentials.  They were sweet and happy to 
accommodate myself and son on a generous travel agent my first
experience felt great and my holiday seemed even more better.

Now people see what that I have a business/lifestyle balance and have joined. 
More income for me as I get paid a bonus for each person signing up
and helping to grow Paycation globally. Smiles all round. This is of course on 
top of my commissions paid to me on a monthly basis. All this within months of 
joining, I have a FB fan page 'mysuitcase.paycation', 
website www.mysuitcase.paycation.comblog and business cards. 
I've learnt so much in a short space of time, even my young teen son has 
learnt some business skills! 

Check out this lovely home-made video put together by Marcia 


Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Have you ever felt that you've somehow neglected your hobby/hobbies?

I did for a while. Oh but finally this week I have reunited with my babies;
my hobbies which meant having some "me time"!  My shame of not writing
the final pages of my fiction and non fiction novels seems likely to soon
disappear - mission almost complete?

I had kept my love for writing novels to myself for a while because I was
conscious of being that "writer" who is writing the never ending story.

It's so encouraging to have the support to complete the finishing touches.
For my first non fiction novel I'm looking at my funding and publishing options
whether to self publish or find a publisher that will accept my trail of
thoughts...take a cheeky peek at my e-book cover below. What do you think?

Book release date coming soon 

A moving story called Balcony Child...

© 2016 Sophia Wilson

Another project that I'm polishing is my children's story 
for my  5-7 year old critics, such an empowering story with  some
humour and not forgetting the amazing illustrations.
The Left Handed Champ is a true story that means so much
to my family. I hope this story will be inspiring  for
children who may lack confidence of being left handed or
experience feeling awkward and alone.

© 2016 Sophia Wilson

The next stage would be to share it with the world of book lovers but
I need to get funding for this project to be given a chance to make a
difference. I'm hoping to send positive messages throughout schools and

I would love to share  snippets of my writer's journey during this
project with raw notes, ideas, extracts of the story and more of the vivid
illustrations with you as a thank you for your support to keep this fire

Monday, 15 February 2016



Just was thinking out loud when I said flexible working hours is
so ideal for me as a mother needing time to engage with my child.

I do not miss the heavy traffic on the roads or the embarrassing close
body contact with strangers on train journeys to and from work.

I saw the POWWOWNOW poster below which made me giggle and I
guess that is what triggered my random thought about flexible work.
I think it illustrates the meaning of flexible work which is getting the
ideal work life balance.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Camera, lights and action for me this month.

So lucky to be a part of a fab campaign for Paycation - making a
difference to lives and providing tips on lifestyle wealth.

Please look out for my debut which I will provide an update once
the filming is published.

As a treat I got some goodies handy for a vacay (hopefully soon)

So excited. Look Loook...   

Goodies: A Jetsetter's comforts; a tablet case, vanity case, Lifestyle cap and Tee.

I'm ready to have the experience of a life time.

Monday, 25 January 2016


No need for Dry Jan when there are cheap sales everywhere.

I  mean there is no need to sacrifice a perfectly good month when
you can enjoy it's perks of being Jan filled with discounts and sale items.

£8 - Banana Republic Pom Pom Hat

£6 Banana Republic Pom Pom Hat

Zara blanket  scarf, £20

Saturday, 2 January 2016

THIS WEEK: Happy New Year!

Happy new year all,

Yes we have said adios to 2015 which hasn't been easy to some
who are still feeling disappointed with their present from their partner
or secret Santa. Worse - some people are still doing the walk of shame
since the office party ("blame it on alcohol") scandal incident.

Many are happy with the fact that life has given them a new year/chapter
for a chance to make the most of a clean slate as the future is always

I think a new year is a good point in time to ear mark a start of
a new project, idea, job or even behaviour; and checking
your progress in the Summer and again 6 months later, if needed.

If you want to improve your lifestyle but you are not sure what
goals to focus on first. You may find the following idea helpful:

Get started with three points 

1. Personal
2. Business
3. Health

Think about your goals

Think of 2 goals for each point for the next 12 months, 5 years
and 10 years

Write the goals down

Write short term and long term goals and proceed to take
measurable action.

Hope this helps

Saturday, 26 December 2015

This Week: It's Christmas Time!

2015 Christmas Cake with edible snow globe and sledging bear.

On point - made a delish Christmas meal 
with a Mmmmm Caribbean punch and as you can see the dessert 
above that did not disappoint.  Full and happy.

Happy hols.