Monday, 23 February 2015


Don't forget to get the vacay experience as you never know, it may
help to broaden your horizon and provide a wealth of varied perspectives.

Travel light if you can so that you can focus on the trip rather than
your luggage.

Here are great places to visit...

Two hours on the Eurostar to Brussels
(Brugge). All  that I can say is:
discount clothes shopping
beautiful architect
Flemish rabbit stew and
chocolate - note; not in any particular order.


Three hours to Marrakesh, a place which awakens all of your senses
to the following:
various herbs and oils.
tagine cuisine
Moroccan tea and
Water park hotel is a must!

Italy - Skiing

Two hours to Italy
 (12 hour if travelling on a coach)
Bring thermals, woolly hats and skiing gloves and
hire the rest of the gear needed.
Don't forget: make sure you're fit enough for the slopes.

 USA - Atlanta

Eight hours to the city where the urban arts
is deep rooted and you get a chance to learn about
how the weather and news are reported at the CNN
studios or get familiar with interesting facts at the
museum of Dr Martin Luther King.
Downtown offer a buzzing experience with comedy cafes.

USA - Miami

This is where you get your vitamin D; on the nice and relaxing
South Beach or riverside restaurant.
You can have a shopping spree in their shoe warehouse
where every shoe is under $9. Yes that's right and there is a shoes for
every occasion.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

        LEFT hander
in a RIGHT handed world

This post is dedicated to all my left handed friends, relatives and readers.

Many left handed people experience difficulties with doing regular things
due to the lack of consideration and thought put into designing tools,
equipment and everyday things.

In the 21st century - there is still a desperate need for more variety of
products to cater for the left handed  division such as ATM machines,
stair bannisters, toilet flush handles, hospital and ambulance equipment...
just saying things could be designed for all and be more neutral.

There's still hope because retailers are improving their stock of lefty

Here are some left handed products:
  • Can opener
  • potato peeler
  • pencil sharpener
  • pens
  • scissors

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

THIS WEEK: The Gift of Giving

Gifts for people who don't NEED particular

Those people are the complicated ones to find gifts for - they
tend to have most things and things they don't have...are simply
not within your budget. To make life a tad bit easier, I just give
them tough tuff - love. Gifting becomes easier when you
consider buying things that you would love them to have.

Here are some tips on what to buy:


Bake a Christmas cake;
Buy sentimental things; if you remember what they like; tickets to
an event, collection of some of their video footage or photos.


Framed front page newspaper story that was published on the date
they were born. Hopefully, it's an interesting story!

A mug with their day of birth poem...'Friday's child loving and giving.'


As tradition and a silly challenge, buy anything with the person's name
on it. There is a rule, the item must not be pre-ordered or designed for
the person or it will spoil the nature of being random. Last year, I found
a dish cloth with his full name. It was a giggle.


Buy a quirky gadget or game. There are tons of science sets and magic sets.
Some stores sell ear warmers that are also headphones or scarfs that you
can heat and stay warm for hours.

Chocolate with a twist, literally...the popular game `Twister' but with chocolate
incorporated in the game or chocolate Scrabble...Mmmm

Hope this helps

Coco & Curls

This Week: Eat, Drink and Sleep

GET into THE Christmas SPIRIT!

Choco - Log

See baking details

Winter Soother

Tomato Soup

Sunday, 20 April 2014


LIFE is a reflection of your perception.

Last week I made a life changing decision to change my perception...
after working for a top 10 FTSE 100 company for 6 years and 7 months
(to be precise) , I - was - made - redundant.

One morning, I woke up and said "I will use my skills used for the past
6 years to establish my own company" Fearlessly, I moved quickly
to find a professional name and registered at the Companies House.
I put everything in place and have accepted my first client.

I turned down good job offers and decided to start my own company -
I mean a real company with the nuts and bolts, company account and
all of that stuff.

It feels beyond great , it's sooo sweet!  I am working for myself and
building on my skills...I love it already.

I just changed my perception of my life, took steps in the direction
where I wanted to be and my life immediately changed and reflected
my current perception of my life.

I want to share with you ...

Saturday, 15 February 2014


Yes I'm my new bank manager! I have become strict and more in control
of my spending habits because I really want to see my hard earned cash

I've needed a little encouragement so I have stuck a few notes around the
house to remind me how to maintain a sustainable flow of cash.

Here are 4 tips that I have taken on board.

1 Don't spend today's money, today's money is for the future

This means that I will save a pool of money which may be
the 'rainy day' funds. If I want or need something big, I will use
money that I have already saved up rather than current money
being 'today's money'. It's not a good idea to spend todays money
as you may not have any for something important tomorrow.

2 Not just one income

Have other sources of income it could be buying and selling a
popular product on line to getting rental income for your parking

3 Take the budget challenge

Plan to budget for a specific period like a 6 months or a year
to help with your saving plan. Start with the grocery shopping
and stick to a list so you don't go off on a tangent.

  • Buy in the sale, always check whether you can buy an item
    cheaper elsewhere.
  • Buy what you need - if you're broke! Buy what you'll use if you
    can afford it.
4 PAY off bad debts

This is the obvious one that should be done ASAP . Debts should be
avoided like the plague. Our credit report will be crucial to getting
on in life. You've been warned! I've heard of people not being offered
jobs because they had bad credit status.  Some companies offer loans
and perks with employment but based on a good credit status.

Hope you found my tips helpful...may be print this off and stick
this on your fridge door.

Friday, 31 January 2014


Being a landlord is like being a director, housing officer and
the estate agent in one. Here are some tips to make it easier.

You may decide not to hire a company to manage your rental
property. You may want to manage your property and ensure
that all the rental income go straight into your pocket.


Use the internet - it's your best friend when you need to
advertise and reach your potential tenants. Try Gumtree
and Room for travellers (roomsft), to help showcase your
property. Consider using clear pictures, detailed adjective
so instead of saying 'nice' say 'clean' and state key terms
and conditions such as cancellations policy and deal breaker


Know the rental value and how much you want.
Know who you want to rent your property to, couples,
over 18 year olds, men only or families only.
Standards should really be stated upfront in a
lease agreement usually a shorthold agreement or
guardian agreement.

It would be silly to do business without a budget.
You need to widen your profit margin by having a
great team to help with the repairs and electric and
gas problems. Also, buy inexpensive things if you
provide more than just a property;

Second hand shops - excellent for white goods,
tables and chairs.

Supermarket special deals - great for bed linen, pots
and cutlery.

Pound store - fantastic for those glasses, bowls, plates,
lamps, towels and even for your complimentary tea and

Try to arrange a group viewing, this is helps to increase an
interest amongst perspective tenants. Also, try to accept
bookings when convenient for you - don't forget there may
be time wasters who don't stick to their viewing appointments.

Hope this helps! And remember you're the boss...