Sunday, 15 November 2015


The recent exciting launch of My Suitcase Ltd, an international (home -based) travel and booking agency has partnered with the 12 year global travel company Xstream Travel and amazing marketing organisation Paycation. Of course being the director of My Suitcase Ltd and experiencing how to create a legacy for my children - I will shout about it from the Peak Mountains to South London.

This entrepreneurship has already provided benefits to change my lifestyle for the better. I have been to numerous holiday spots with my family for discounted rates and created lovely memories. I have met many wonderful, supportive people and  networked with other business owners in the franchise.

It has been an educational and great networking experience. If you also would like to start your own business, I would say to you, don't let this opportunity pass and look into it immediately there are loads of support and forums that can help you. I personally recommend this enjoyable entrepreneurship. For more information about opportunities like this go to

Sunday, 8 November 2015

THIS WEEK: Try to keep your possession safe whilst on holiday

How do you keep your valuables secure from the prey?

Today so many of us have gadgets and love them so much that we will travel on the
trains with them or even on holiday in an unfamiliar place. And I am not just talking
about your bog standard camera or mobile.

So how do you keep them safe? After all our suitcases are not 100% secure.
I will tell you why here and now.

Don't worry, I have a solution. Read the article 'Is Your Suitcase Secure Enough?'
for more information on how to secure your precious. There are so many things
that you can do to ensure that you fully enjoy your holiday.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Well     Red      

Right now there are many beautiful red shoes.

Sometimes red shoes can be paired up with the wrong items of clothing
whereby, creating an unintended clown impression or a Lady Ga Ga knock off.

For those who care not to make the above mistake - then this one's for you.

Get the right shade

Make sure it compliments your garment, remember this is very important.
REd tend to make a statement because they are very eye catching.

Red shoes can be nice when worn with the top, dress or skirt has a hint of red

Don't overly coordinate it with more red items, Avoid the tomato costume.

Wear with confidence - just be a traffic stopper.

With all this wisdom, you should be ready to wear your red shoes

Love C & C


Thursday, 13 August 2015

THIS WEEK: Single Parent Holidays

Single Parent Holiday

Kelly has been on holidays with her son since he was 2 years old.  On the first long haul  flight with her 2 year old, she packed the 'treat bag' to help keep him happy on the aeroplane - even packed boiled sweets to help with popping ears on the plane.
They was given priority to board the plane and settle before the plane got busy with other passengers. 

As the plane finally lifted off into the sky, Kelly's concern melted away by her son's happy expressions. The plane suddenly shook and Kelly's heart was inside of her mouth as she let out a scream...2 year old son looked up at her with his first sign of embarrassment as if Kelly misbehaved. 

Then shortly after the plane did the same jerky movement again and again an uncontrollable burst of a scream came from Kelly. "No need to worry, stay calm maaam" said a man with an American accent, calm but firm tone from a row behind. "The plane has just hit a few clouds, don't worry" he continued to say.  

Children can be great to fly with and some times it's not just the children that you need to worry about...

Go to single parent holiday ideas and help.
 Check out My Suitcase an online travel agency great at spotting deals for single parent families.