Sunday, 28 June 2015

This Week: My Suitcase Goodies

My Suitcase Goodies

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

THIS WEEK: Changing My World

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(Image credit: Conde Nast Traveller)

Sunday, 22 March 2015


favourite things

My assortment of favourite things this week...I have been feeling quite attached to them.
WARNING! These items are collectively random - please don't judge.

Daniel Sandler Red Carpet lipstick- great for ladies with dark skin.
Found this baby in Harvey Nichols

Clockwise - Love Moschino high top trainers, Pixie boots, fur boots, loafers and Roman ankle boots
Left to right; Valentino's Valentina Assoluto 50ml parfum, metallic purple nail vanish, muslin cloth, Champneys cleansing oil and natural coconut oil.
left to right; Armani Jeans and Ted Baker

Saturday, 7 March 2015



Have fun with recycling your jam jars. There are so many things they
can be used for.

Loving my shabby chic glassware for bbq parties, picnics or just even
eating my muesli out of one. So handy, and if you are still not convinced
read on to find more reasons why.

Have cocktails, juice, smoothies and desserts in them.

Stash of your favourite treats or earrings,
hair pins and scrunchies
Add a tea light or an LED tea light for that
simple cool look 

Monday, 23 February 2015


Don't forget to get the vacay experience as you never know, it may
help to broaden your horizon and provide a wealth of varied perspectives.

Travel light if you can so that you can focus on the trip rather than
your luggage.

Here are great places to visit...

Two hours on the Eurostar to Brussels
(Brugge). All  that I can say is:
discount clothes shopping
beautiful architect
Flemish rabbit stew and
chocolate - note; not in any particular order.


Three hours to Marrakesh, a place which awakens all of your senses
to the following:
various herbs and oils.
tagine cuisine
Moroccan tea and
Water park hotel is a must!

Italy - Skiing

Two hours to Italy
 (12 hour if travelling on a coach)
Bring thermals, woolly hats and skiing gloves and
hire the rest of the gear needed.
Don't forget: make sure you're fit enough for the slopes.

 USA - Atlanta

Eight hours to the city where the urban arts
is deep rooted and you get a chance to learn about
how the weather and news are reported at the CNN
studios or get familiar with interesting facts at the
museum of Dr Martin Luther King.
Downtown offer a buzzing experience with comedy cafes.

USA - Miami

This is where you get your vitamin D; at the nice and relaxing
South Beach or riverside restaurant.
You can have a shopping spree in their shoe warehouse
where every shoe is under $9. Yes that's right and there is a shoes for
every occasion.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

        LEFT hander
in a RIGHT handed world

This post is dedicated to all my left handed friends, relatives and readers.

Many left handed people experience difficulties with doing regular things
due to the lack of consideration and thought put into designing tools,
equipment and everyday things.

In the 21st century - there is still a desperate need for more variety of
products to cater for the left handed  division such as ATM machines,
stair bannisters, toilet flush handles, hospital and ambulance equipment...
just saying things could be designed for all and be more neutral.

There's still hope because retailers are improving their stock of lefty

Here are some left handed products:
  • Can opener
  • potato peeler
  • pencil sharpener
  • pens
  • scissors

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

THIS WEEK: The Gift of Giving

Gifts for people who don't NEED particular

Those people are the complicated ones to find gifts for - they
tend to have most things and things they don't have...are simply
not within your budget. To make life a tad bit easier, I just give
them tough tuff - love. Gifting becomes easier when you
consider buying things that you would love them to have.

Here are some tips on what to buy:


Bake a Christmas cake;
Buy sentimental things; if you remember what they like; tickets to
an event, collection of some of their video footage or photos.


Framed front page newspaper story that was published on the date
they were born. Hopefully, it's an interesting story!

A mug with their day of birth poem...'Friday's child loving and giving.'


As tradition and a silly challenge, buy anything with the person's name
on it. There is a rule, the item must not be pre-ordered or designed for
the person or it will spoil the nature of being random. Last year, I found
a dish cloth with his full name. It was a giggle.


Buy a quirky gadget or game. There are tons of science sets and magic sets.
Some stores sell ear warmers that are also headphones or scarfs that you
can heat and stay warm for hours.

Chocolate with a twist, literally...the popular game `Twister' but with chocolate
incorporated in the game or chocolate Scrabble...Mmmm

Hope this helps

Coco & Curls